GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Both sides of the aisle are receiving the speech in different way.

A main message tonight from President Trump: telling the the American people, America is strong, and America is safe.

It's something political scientist Thom Little says -- all Presidents must do.

"The State of The Union is Strong, which you and I talked about -- is the wording that has been used of late. He listed the reasons it was strong, for economic reasons, the security successes, and then he hit on some issues," said Dr. Thom LIttle, a Political Science Expert from UNCG.

Little said President Trump really delivered in this State Of The Union speech, and he said it was his best one yet.

Dr. Little said he looked Presidential, he sounded Presidential, and stayed on script.

Something else he noticed, was the President had new tone which is something Dr. Little says people in the Triad can take from this speech as a positive going forward.

"I think what we can be hopeful is the bipartisan tone. This was a tone of working together, and coming together that we seldom hear from this President," said Little.

Little also added, while the speech was very good, and had a strong bipartisan tone -- it all depends on if the actions in the coming days and weeks will reflect the words from tonight.