GREENSBORO, NC -- A lot of UNCG students are on edge after two rapes were reported on campus in just one week!

Campus police say the first rape that was reported happened last week between two people who knew each other.

The most recent rape was last weekend.

Police say a student was sleeping in her dorm room when she heard a knock at the door.

When she approached the door, police say the suspect covered the eye-hole with his finger.

Then, when the victim opened the door, police say the suspect forced himself in and raped her.

Now, after hearing what happened, many students feel like they've lost their sense of security.

“It's uncomfortable. It's scary. It's worrisome, without a doubt,” said Kyra Sullivan, a sophomore at UNCG. “I try to stay with a buddy at all times. The buddy system is the way to go.”

Kyra Sullivan loves being a student at UNCG, but right now, she's a little on edge.

“It's scary. It's terrifying. I don't like it,” said Sullivan.

She's not the only one who feels that way.

UNCG Junior Courtney Moses says she’s scared to be alone after two rapes were reported in separate campus dorm rooms in the last week!

“The later at night it is, the more worried I am. If I am walking back from the library at night, I usually call my mom and talk to her just to make myself feel more safe,” said Moses.

Moses doesn't take any chances when it comes to her safety.

She carries a weapon with her at all times.

“This is my pepper spray,” said Moses as she pulled her pink can of pepper spray out her purse. “I always have a ready in my hand at night when I am walking by myself just in case so that I am ready just in case I do get attacked.”

Students aren’t the only ones concerned.

Josh White is a parent of two college students including one at UNCG.

He doesn't let his daughter live on campus because he's scared of what could happen to her.

“The dorms, I don't know if they are safe or not. That's not my thing. But I know I can secure my house,” said White. “You really need to teach your kids that there are real threats in life and there are people out there you can't reason with and will do you harm.”

Police at UNCG are warning students about the importance of staying alert at all times.

Christopher Jasso with UNCGPD says it’s especially important that students don't develop a false sense of security.

“We ask that you walk in pairs, we ask that you be aware of your surroundings, walk in groups, be aware of who's around you and who's in front of you and behind you, make sure you are walking through well-lit areas,” said Jasso. “We want to ensure that our students are here to get their education and to do so safely.”

UNCG Police are encouraging students to download the LiveSafe app to report crimes and better connect with cops on campus.

The UNCG Police Department also offers a free escort service for anyone who doesn't feel comfortable getting where they need to go safely.

Campus police are still looking for the suspects in both rape cases.

UNCG said that they are helping the victim and will continue their investigation.

If you have any information, call the UNCG Police at (336) 334-5963.