Update: December 12-21

After our first story aired, 2WTK received an additional complaint from a customer who said they also did not receive their reward card. We forwarded that information to AT&T/DIRECTV. In addition, in December 2WTK reached out to the company again, asking for an update on the original customer complaints.

On Thursday, December 21st, a media spokesperson emailed the following statement to 2WTK, regarding the newest complaint. "Customer service continues to be a top priority for us. We are looking into what happened so that we can resolve this issue as quickly as possible."

Original Story

Frustration station. It’s how many people would describe where they are with their cable or satellite provider. So, when another company comes along with the promise of extra money on a reward card, it’s enticing. But, people are claiming one companies is not following through with the rewards.

For years, AT&T/DIRECTV has offered Visa reward cards for switching or signing up for their service. The reward card amounts differ, most of the time starting at $100. However, 2 Wants to Know has received multiple complaints from new customers who say they never received their promised reward card.

Customers received a mailer, email or phone call from AT&T/DIRECTV, saying they were pre-selected to receive a reward card for a certain amount after signing up for a qualifying service. The fine print on the back on mailers and emails 2WTK received from customers says new approved customers will be sent a letter with redemption requirements. The redemption letter needs to be filled out within a certain amount of time from reward notification mail date and the reward card would be sent to the customer within three to four weeks after redemption to customers who maintain qualifying service from the installation date and through reward fulfillment. Customers say they either never received a redemption letter or the reward card at all, sometimes months after starting their service.

The problem doesn’t seem to be unique to a few customers, or even the Triad. A search on Facebook revealed a thread with dozens of customers with the same complaint. They either never received their reward card or finally received one after complaining to the company.

So, what’s the problem? Is it because the promotions differ and so do the reward times and values? One customer’s redemption letter said they had 75 days to fill out the letter and return it for $200, and they would in turn receive the card in three to four weeks. Another customer’s email confirmation said they had 45 days and they would receive $100. One customer claims she was told in person by a DIRECTV representative that she would have the card mailed to her in a few weeks, but when she called the company, she claims she was told she was ineligible for the card.

2WTK reached out to AT&T/DIRECTV to see why the problem seems to be continuing and what the company was doing to help customers receive their promised reward.

A representative for the company said in a statement, “We’re aware of these complaints and we are looking into what happened. We’re trying to get in touch with the customers to resolve this as quickly as possible. Customer service is a top priority for us.”

Since first reaching out to AT&T/DIRECTV, at least one customer said the company contacted them and told them the reward card had been mailed. The customer confirmed they did receive the reward card in the mail.