CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Imagine knowing what will be delivered to your mailbox before your first cup of coffee in the morning? Well, brace yourselves for this because snail mail is going digital.

Starting Friday, April 14th, the United States Postal Service will roll out a new feature. They will email you pictures of the mail that will be delivered to you that night.

It's all part of an effort to keep thieves out of your mailbox.

"People will know what's in their mailbox so if they're expecting something they'll already be able to see it beforehand," said Philip Bogenberger, a USPS employee.

Here's how it works. The machine takes a digital scan of the address side of your mail. Then that picture will be emailed to your USPS account.

"I don't trust them at the moment to get my items here," said Caroline Langdon, a mail theft victim.

Langdon lost faith after losing several letters using USPS. But now with this program, she's having a change of heart.

"It's a sign that they are really trying to do something about it, not just we'll if you just ignore it, they will stop complaining," said Langdon. "No, the fact that they are really trying to improve is a huge wonderful thing."

Just two months ago police recovered some 500 pieces of stolen mail from Lisa Swinson's car. Bogenberger. with USPS, says this will help reduce the growing number of mail thefts cases in the country.

"You'll know what to expect when you go home and that way if something is not there you can contact the postal service," said Bogenberger.

For information on how to sign up for informed delivery, here's a link to the USPS website.