GREENSBORO, NC – Rain, rain go away is the saying…but lately, we're more likely to say lightning go away. Lightning strikes- up in North Carolina. A report places North Carolina in the top five for lightning insurance claims. Over 5,800 claims were filed in the state for lightning strikes.

QUESTION: One WFMY News 2 viewer, Randy Uzzell, wanted to know, “Are lightning rods a good deterrent to prevent lightning strikes on homes in the Greensboro area?”

PROCESS: A prevention or a cure? To verify, we reached out to Nicholas Tierney, COO of Greensboro based Commercial Lightning Protection, LLC.

“If lightning is going to hit a structure, it’s going to hit it regardless of what you do,” Tierney explained.

So, what’s the point of a lightning rod or lightning protection system?

“The lightning will hit the rod. The lightning will travel through the system and into the ground,” Tierney explained. “Lightning protection provides a safe path for lightning to travel though the structure and dissipate to the ground level without doing any damage to the structure or anybody inside the structure.”

VERIFIED: So, lightning rods are there to provide a path for lightning to travel if and when it hits your home. But, it won’t stop the lightning from hitting altogether.


Nick Tierney, Commercial Lightning Protection, LLC.