GREENSBORO, NC - Ah, winter. Love it, right? It's the time of year when you pile on all the things. Gloves, scarves, hats, jackets and lip balm. But, did you know lip balm doesn't actually cure dry or chapped lips?

A 2 Wants to Know producer asked, "does lip balm dry out your lips?" We checked with a few dermatologists and all say yes, to do some degree, lip balm can dry out your lips.

The reason centered around ingredients. Some dermatologists say it's vitamin E that dries out the lips. Some say fragrance causes the lips to be irritated. And some say it's a menthol ingredient that causes lips to swell and become irritated.

So, which lip balm do you use? Dermatologists recommend using one with natural ingredients, SPF and little to no fragrance.

Still, even with an all-natural lip balm, the produce itself won't cure chapped lips. Lip balm is simply meant to act as a barrier from elements.

Chapped lips are caused by dehydration and irritation. The skin on your lips is sensitive and breaks down easily, especially if you lick them a lot.

So, here's the recommendations. Don't lick your lips a lot. Saliva causes fats and protein to break down and that's basically the stuff your lips are made of. Drink water to fight dehydration. Don't pick or bite the loose skin on your lips. Instead, exfoliate them to remove the dead skin. After you do all that, now it's time to apply a lip balm to act as a barrier from dry, cold weather and other elements.

So, we can verify, lip balm can dry out your lips or make chapped lips worse if you don't take care of the skin itself.