GREENSBORO, NC -There’s three things you can count on in life; death, taxes and people trying to scam money out of you.

Amy Merritt wrote WFMY News 2, “There is a scam going around about DIRECTV and Amazon.”

Basically, someone from “DIRECTV” calls you and offers you an amazing deal and all you have to do is pay for the first six months with an Amazon gift card.

So, you should do it, right?


No, just no.


Don’t do it.


Hang up.

This happens so often, DIRECTV even has a name for it; the Pre-Paid Card Scam.

Someone calls, offering you a huge discount if you prepay for a period of time with a pre-paid credit card or retail gift card.

A representative with DIRECTV told us, “AT&T and DIRECTV does not solicit prepayments via pre-paid cards or gifts cards. Hang up immediately and call the toll-free customer service number on your bill.”

DIRECTV also recommends placing a passcode on your account for security. DIRECTV also keeps a list of fraud scams. Click here to read more.