Which is worse? Washing and drying the dishes or washing and drying the clothes?

I’ll give you a second to make your decision……………………….okay, now which is worse, finding money in the dryer or wasting money on drying clothes? I’m sure that second question was easier to answer.

We all want to save money. So, when a viewer reached out to News 2 wanting to know if it was better to dry clothes longer on medium heart or for a shorter time on higher heat to save money, we went to find out.

To verify, we talked to home expert and News 2 consultant, Tom Garcia.

“Drying clothes on a lower hear for a longer time will save more energy than a higher heat for a shorter time,” said Garcia.

So, that’s the short answer. But, plot twist. If you want to save real dollars on the energy bill, you’ll have to do some deep cleaning.

“If you want to save, the way to do that is to make sure that exhaust vent system is clean of lint,” Garcia explained. “As lint comes out, it’s wet and sticky. What happens then is lint gets stick in the dryer vent pipe and when it does that it stops the ability of the dryer to blow the air out and that is what causes the dryer to work harder and use more energy.”

Cleaning the exhaust vent, located at the back of the dryer, every six months with a pipe cleaner or with a vacuum cleaner hose can make your lean, mean, drying machine work at max efficiency. It can also help prevent house fires.

Garcia said, “The lint gets so hot, it can actually ignite.”

So, we can verify, clean away the lint and dry on a longer time setting with lower heat to save money.

And if your dryer vent is located on top of your roof, Garcia recommends sticking the vacuum hose in as far as you can or calling a professional to help. A professional dryer vent cleaning should cost anywhere from $90 to $160.