Remember as a kid, when your parents told you to bundle up or you’d catch a cold. That advice might not have been too far off.

When you think of cold, it’s hard not to mix it in with getting sick. After all, where did the “common cold” get its name.

It turns out, according to researchers at Yale, colder air does make getting sick easier.

Get this, it has nothing to do with your body, instead the germs that make you sick, just like the cold.

The Yale study found the germs that cause the common cold replicate better in cooler environments, like your nose, when you walk outside in cooler weather.

As for bundling up to stay warm, sure, it makes you comfortable, but won’t stop you from getting sick. According to a Mens Health article from January 2017, no clothing can protect you, unless it’s literally covering your nose and mouth.

Of course there are the obvious things you can be doing to try and prevent getting sick… like washing your hands, getting plenty of rest and eating healthy.

But, if that doesn’t work and you do end up feeling lousy, don’t show up at work and spread it to your co-workers.