GREENSBORO, N.C. - You know WFMY News 2 is certified as the most accurate weather in the Triad, and you depend on Tim and the crew to help plan your lives every day. How about also using a stick off a tree. An old wise tale says the weather stick can predict if a storm is coming.

“It’s pretty simple the weather stick. It’s a stick,” Jonathon Jones said.

Jonathon bought one a few months ago for $5. To verify if they work: 2 Wants To Know went to him, the Famers’ Almanac and WFMY News 2’s Terran Kirksey.

“At first I was like oh I’ll give it a whirl. Let’s put it up and see what happens,” Jonathon said.

If the weather is going to be good the next day, the stick is supposed to point up. If it’s going to be storming, it’s supposed to point down. Jones snapped a photo of it pointing almost straight down right before a major rain storm last month.

“In the evening, it will start drooping and the next morning it’s raining and it’s all the way down,” he said. “It does pretty good.”

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, Weather Sticks only come from Balsam fir, that adapted to living in “dry weather” by bending “when rains come along and the fir trees start drawing more water.” They respond to humidity in the air. But here’s the sticking point. Terran says humidity is only one of several factors in predicting if a storm is brewing.

“Humidity is just fuel for the summer time activity, we also have to have something to trigger the thunderstorms to develop,” Terran said. “Sometimes that’s upper level disturbances. And sometimes that the heating from the sun as we go through the warmth as we go through the afternoon hours and we have those pop up showers and thunderstorms during the summer time.”

So it’s verified the weather stick is sometimes right but often wrong. Meaning I wouldn’t bend over backwards to buy one, but at least it’s a good conversation starter.

Ben Briscoe WFMY News 2

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