We continue the VERIFY "baby or bust" series with a question from our Tracey McCain, who's pregnant with her second child. Tracey said, "I love wearing heels, and we're in a profession where it's expected because it looks professional, when we're on TV from head to toe. But with pregnancy, I always heard it's not safe or healthy for you to wear heels. Is it an old wives tale or is this one true?"


To verify this story, I talked to Dr. Thomas Valaoras, an OBGYN for Novant Health.


Dr. Valaoras said the major risk for pregnant women and heels isn't that it'll harm the mother or baby directly.

"It is an old wives tale. There's a big risk of falling. That's a risk due to the fact if you walk on the pavement you're at risk for falling, and that could put the mom and baby at risk. But, as far as it affecting mom or baby directly, there's no risk of that at all."


We verified there's no direct danger for pregnant women wearing heels, but Dr. Valaoras recommends women in their third trimesters avoid it, since they might be at greater risk of falling.

And, it can become increasingly uncomfortable for pregnant women to wear heels when their feet swell.

Overall, it's up to the mom.


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