Good Morning Show producer Emily Hodgon asked: "I was just scrolling through my Twitter, and I saw something you might find interesting. It says can grape juice can prevent stomach bugs. Could you VERIFY it for me?"

Emily was referring to this article on a food blog, which referenced the original assertion on a mom blog. It claims grape juice changes your intestinal tract's pH, making it more difficult for stomach bug viruses to multiply.


To VERIFY, we talked to registered dietitian Krista Kiger.


She said the claim about pH is inaccurate.

"PH levels in our digestion process are so different, so variable, that if a virus can get in through your system and survive those levels - or those pHes, there's no research that shows grape juice can trump the digestive pHes."

So, she verified grape juice won't stop stomach bugs if they're already in your system. But, grape juice and plain grapes are great anti-oxidants, which keep our cells healthy. They can help prevent you from getting sick in the first place. And, there's other research showing grape scan help prevent heart disease.


In conclusion, we verified grapes and grape juice have great health benefits. But, they can't stop stomach bugs if they're already inside you.

Furthermore, the best way to prevent stomach bugs isn't what you eat -- it's washing your hands.


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