How will our pets act during the most highly-anticipated lunar event of the decade? We asked an expert.


To verify our last-minute questions about our pets and the eclipse, we consulted Janine Oliver, DVM, with Benessere Animal Hospital in Greensboro.


Dr. Oliver compared the eclipse to another weather phenomenon -- like a big storm. It's something people talk about, are hyped up about or feel anxious about. And, in turn, it can make your pet feel a little on edge.

"I would say anytime there's going to be a significant change, if there's going to be a buzz about something, taking steps to put your animal in a safe situation (is the best thing to do). If your pet has a safe place they go to, make sure that's available to them. Play music and behave as normally as possible."

If you decide to play music for your pet, take note -- Dr. Oliver said a recent study found the music genre that's most calming to dogs is soft rock or reggae. But, the most effective measure to keep pets calm is to keep yourself calm.

"If you handle change well, you'll be like this is magnificent! If not, you're going to be like the end is near, what am I going to do? But, that anxiety is contagious. If they (your pets) sense their person is worked up, they're more likely to be very agitated."


Your pets will likely act however you act. If neither you nor your pet is anxious, he or she will likely behave however they normally do during nighttime.. Cats will be more active, because they're nocturnal, and dogs will likely be snoozing.


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