It's an old driving debate that comes up every summer -- is it more fuel-efficient to roll down your car windows or turn on your AC?


To verify this story, we talked to David Dew -- the general manager of Honest-1 Auto Care in Greensboro. He's a go-to resource for our car care questions.


Essentially, it depends on where and how fast you're driving.

Dew explains if you're driving in the city, especially in stop-and-go traffic, roll down your windows. If you're driving on the highway, turn on your AC. The reason why has to do with the drag created by speed. The drag created by open windows at high speeds, like on a highway, significantly lowers your fuel economy. But, the drag created by open windows at slower speeds is less harmful than the load the AC compressor puts on your engine.


So, we've verified if you're driving on the highway, use your AC. But, if you're sitting in traffic or driving in the city, roll down your windows.


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