CHARLOTTE, NC - All the standing water from rain in the Carolinas is creating a breeding ground for mosquitos, and we are in the prime mosquito season.

You’ve probably seen some articles floating around social media claiming the insects are more attracted to certain people. We set out to Verify whether or not some of these claims are true.

WCNC spoke with Ari Whiteman, A Ph.D. student at UNC Charlotte who’s also the founder of the Urban Mosquito Project. We asked him about the most popular assumptions people make with mosquitos.

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Question 1: Can your clothing color attract mosquitos?
Answer: Whiteman says yes.

“They like colors that stand out against the background,” Whiteman said. “So if you’re wearing black, the really seem to be attracted to that.”

Question 2: Are mosquitos more attracted to pregnant women?
Answer: Whitman says yes. He says it all boils down to carbon dioxide.

“Larger people tend to exhale more carbon dioxide,” Whiteman said. “So if you are overweight or pregnant, you generally are in a higher risk category for being bitten by mosquitos.”

Question 3: Are mosquitos more attracted to beer drinkers?
Answer: Maybe

“There’s some basic research that does show drinking beer can increase your chances of being bitten by mosquitos, however the cause and effect wasn’t very clear.”

Question 4: Are mosquitos more attracted to certain blood types?
Answer: Whiteman says yes.

“When they come across the person and pick up on the chemicals that are signatures of type “O” blood, they tend to be attracted to that.”