WFMY News 2 meteorologist / Good Morning Show co-host Eric Chilton and meteorologist Terran Kirksey.


1. Joanne Mendoza: I have family in the Tampa area. How will the storm affect them?

Eric: For Tampa, it's a wind situation - 100 mph - which could result in power outages. Storm surge might not be as big of a problem, but they should prepare for heavy rains and winds.

2. Jim Hoops: The main concern for us is, will it hit the Triad directly, or strike a glancing blow, and we won't know till its over!

Eric: The current track has it moving away from us, so it won't be a direct hit. We could still get rain and wind. How much depends on whether it stays on the current western track (minor for us) or shifts back east.

3. TaNyia: When will it hit north Carolina if it will hit?

Eric: Monday night and all day Tuesday.

4. Russell Horn: Is she married?

Eric: Kind of -- to Jose, who's following Irma but in the middle of nowhere right now.

Rick Chaffin: We're supposed to leave for Disney Friday. I guess that's a bad idea huh?

Eric, Terran, Meghann: Yes, Florida is under a state of emergency. As of Friday morning, Orlando isn't under a mandatory evacuation or hurricane warning. Disney's hurricane policy is to provide no-fee changes and cancellations, but only if the National Hurricane Center issues a hurricane warning. Warnings aren't issued until 24 hours out.


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