WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.-- A woman in Winston-Salem is facing numerous charges after a traffic stop Wednesday morning. The woman's arrest has gone viral on Facebook after a passerby took cellphone and posted to her page.

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Friday afternoon Winston-Salem Police Chief Barry Rountree showed the officer's body cam video and discussed the incident. 

“You all are aware the stop was recorded by a citizen and it has been uploaded and placed on Facebook," said Rountree at a news conference. "We are here in an effort to be transparent to the citizens of Winston Salem.”

During the stop for a speeding ticket, the officer learned there was an DMV issued order to pick up the vehicle for revoked registration and no insurance. The officer asked for the keys and the woman refused.
Officer: Can I get the keys to the car real quick?
Woman: For what?
Officer: I'm taking the tag off the vehicle and I don't want you to have the keys
Woman: Um, no sir, I'll call my grandfather because this is not my vehicle.
Officer: It's not a request, I need your keys for my safety so you don't start the vehicle.
Woman: The keys are not in the ignition, I'll call my grandfather.
Officer: I need to hold them.
Woman: No, sir.
Officer: The next step is you going to jail.
At this point, the woman admitted she was scared, but the officer ends up asking her five times for the keys. He asked her three times to step out of the vehicle and nine times to give him her other hand.
At that point, he swept her to the ground to finish the arrest.
The woman's grandfather showed up and tried to calm her down. The officer explained what happened during the arrest. She was taken to jail and was later released. Now, there is an internal investigation into the officer.
He is still working at this time. The chief says he will not make any comment on whether he agreed with the officer's actions.
"I will wait until the internal investigation is completed until I pass any judgment because we want to look at everything closely again," said Rountree.
The woman now faces six charges including resisting arrest, driving with a revoked license and driving without insurance. She also told us she's trying make sense of it all and is seeking legal counsel.