Mourners gathered on Monday evening to remember Robert Godwin Sr., who was shot and killed Sunday in the Facebook shooting on E. 93rd Street in Cleveland.

WKYC Channel 3's Jasmine Monroe was at the vigil and also spoke with Angela Smalls, the mother of 2 of Godwin's 10 kids.

"We were about to eat dinner, I spent my last couple hours with him."

Through the tears Angela Smalls reminisced the last moments she shared with Robert Godwin. The father of her two kids Terell and Marsaen Godwin.

Smalls tells us if he wasn't fishing, the 74-year-old Godwin was walking the streets of Cleveland collecting aluminum cans, something he has always enjoyed.

"It's something he always did when he's here," she explained. "He would walk all way to the top of the street and pick up cans."

Smalls said, Godwin was a man of many words but most importantly loved his kids, and would never hurt anyone. "He kept my head strong, he kept me strong. Now I'm wondering how I'm going to do it without him," she cried.

Godwin's youngest son Terell got so emotional during the interview he could barely speak. But Smalls said if Steve Stephens, the man who is accused of murdering Godwin, is watching...she would want him to hear her son:

"My daddy didn't do anything to anyone he just shot him for no reason, for no reason." and Facebook Live carried the Godwin vigil live. You can watch it below: