ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, NC – Not even two broken ankles can stop one dedicated woman from continuing her life's mission in the Triad.

Megan Faulk returned to Rockingham County Saturday -- one year after she broke both of her ankles when she fell off the roof of a house!

The accident happened while she was doing mission work with the World Changers program – spreading the love of Christ through repairing homes for people in need.

"It's just something I enjoy doing, helping others, serving others," said Faulk.

The scars on her ankles tell the story of her year long journey of recovery.

She spent much of the last twelve months in physical therapy and rehab on her broken ankles.

Now, she’s back for her 18th year of volunteering.

“This whole week and actually the whole month leading up to this, I was really excited about getting back out here,” said Faulk. “I just tried to look at the grand scheme of things. Things could've been a lot worse.”

Dennis Paschal with the World Changers program says they are happy to have Faulk back on the team.

“I think it's just a testament to the power of prayer and the power of perseverance,” said Paschal. “I believe that Megan prayed she would get better and I think she believed that and she had faith in God and it worked. It shows that prayer works.”

Faulk didn’t waste any time doing what she does best – helping others get back on their feet again.

“I just really amazes me how God places people in a crew for a reason,” said Faulk. “You instantly click with those people even though you just met them five seconds ago.”

Faulk says she will not be going up on the roof again this year.

She'll be working in more a of a "supervisor" type role from the safety of the ground.

The World Changers program has 200 volunteers in Rockingham County.

They'll do repairs on 25 homes in the next week, totaling over $100,000 worth of work for free!