ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. – On Tuesday evening, a tree came crashing through the roof of a Snow Camp family, right into the kitchen. They said they were inside the home, just minutes before it fell.

“You never know when you're going to lose somebody. Like literally, within minutes I could've not had my son,” said Christina Zachary.

It's too soon to tell what repairs will cost - but the family thinks it could be a total loss. Zachary and her mother Brenda McPherson say, as upsetting as the damage is - all of this puts things into perspective, so close to Christmas.

Zachary says she saw the tree come down.

“I was in shock at first, I honestly just there for a second staring at the broken picnic table and then I thought— the house! And I turn to slowly, and I just screamed,” she recalled.

The next morning, those screams were replaced with stunned silence, as she and her mother combed through the debris. This - they say - was a very close call because Zachary's son had just been eating dinner in the kitchen.

“He was sitting at the table eating dinner 10 minutes before that happened,” she said.

“We have got to love our family, we do not know how long we have,” said McPherson, “I could've lost my little baby, my little grandson.”

Less than two weeks before Christmas - it's not Santa up on the roof. Instead, there are workers - removing the tree, fixing what they can, and covering the hole with a tarp.

“They removed that tree and now they're boarding it all up, they got this done today,” Zachary explained.

With the damage comes a new perspective, and a focus on what really matters.

“We are super blessed, I can tell you that much,” Zachary said.

"The house and furniture are just stuff. But my family is alive and that's all that I care about,” said McPherson.

Right now, no one can stay in the home, so the family of four is staying in a relative's home close by.