Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting married. In their first media appearance since their engagement a few weeks ago, we want to know if their love is the real deal.

What's immediately evident is that they’re crazy about each other. You can tell with the way they were sitting on the sofa, arms intertwined, hands clasped together. They spoke more to each other then the interviewer. At times, it was as if the interviewer didn't exist.

Meghan understands that Princess Diana is very important to Harry. Having diamonds from Princess Diana’s private collection as part of the engagement ring is symbolic. With every glance of the ring, Princess Diana will be remembered.

In a photo, you can tell that they’re in sync. The intensity of their smiles and their eyes is mirror image of each other.

In a different photo, their hands convey their feelings for each other: tenderness, affection, closeness. Meghan’s hands envelopes Harry’s. When you're in love, you want to touch the person of your affection. Touch not only feels good, but touch releases a feel good and bonding hormone, Oxytocin.

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