GREENSBORO, N.C. -- It's not the news North Carolina wanted. Leaders at Toyota and Mazda picked Alabama for their new auto making plant over the Greensboro Randolph megasite.

But there's no time to wallow.

"We start today in aggressively marketing it again and we've already touched bases with several site consultants throughout the country," explains Brent Christensen, President of CEO of the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce.

Christensen says the site is marketed as an advanced manufacturing site, equipped with access to railways, highways and utility hookups.

"We've never really pigeonholed ourselves with one particular industry or one particular user," he says.

A pass by Toyota and Mazda is a big loss for the area. The companies planned to bring 4,000 new jobs and a $1.6 billion investment. But Triad leaders are remaining optimistic.

"We've been in the media throughout the country and throughout the world as a great megasite in Greensboro-Randolph and so you get an opportunity now to step into the room of potential users and application consultants and they already know you. They already know your site."

Christensen didn't say who might be on the short list of new companies they're trying to recruit, but he's confident they'll land a company sooner rather than later.

"We won't stop, we won't rest until we find that great user."