GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Battleground North Carolina. 15 days and counting until we elect the next president. Both parties know just how important North Carolina is to win. Hillary Clinton started her long week in North Carolina Sunday. She campaigned in Durham, Raleigh and Charlotte. Part of her focus was making sure women are treated with respect.

"I believe when we vote in this election we are standing up for who we believe America is, and we're standing up for our rights," Clinton said. For voting rights, for civil rights, women’s rights, workers rights, LGBT rights, for the rights of people with disabilities," Clinton said.

When she returns to North Carolina Thursday, she's bringing First Lady, Michelle Obama with her. They're stumping in Winston-Salem. It's the first time the two have paired up on the campaign trail.

Donald Trump and his campaign will be just as busy. Monday, Trump's running mate rallies in Greensboro and Charlotte. Wednesday, Trump himself will talk to people in Kinston.

There's no denying our state is an important one. According to USA Today, North Carolina is still a toss up. talked to Political Expert, Jason Husser about why Clinton chose North Carolina to be the first campaign stop for she and First Lady Obama.

"The Clinton campaign has an opportunity to maintain the gender gap that we're seeing in the polls right now," Husser said. "Michelle Obama is very popular among women in the state and as a result she's able to persuade a lot of women not to switch from Clinton to Donald Trump.

It's also not usual to see the First Lady and President campaign as much as the Obama's are for Clinton. But Husser says, there's a reason for that too.

"This is in large part because President Obama is popular right now, more so than other times in his presidency," Husser said. "When that happens that President swings around the states to pump up his party.

Husser said these next two weeks we'll see heavy campaigning from both parties, a lot of ads and possibly more scandals leaked from each campaign.