When you think Greensboro...

"Greensboro is definitely a basketball city and I know that for a fact," explains Vashon Murphy. "I've been in Greensboro since '97 and played basketball at A&T back in the late 90's and I've been here ever since."

Murphy now volunteers as a coach at the Triad Basketball Academy, working with a lot of players who know they're in the right spot if they want to play hoops.

"I can really do anything I want on the court," says player Joseph Babatunde. "Ball handling. Shooting. Defensive ball. I think my game has improved a lot."

"When I get older I hope to be in the NBA," adds one of his teammates. "And that's why I like Greenbsoro because they start us with basketball and stuff."

"Greensboro is a basketball town."

And anyone who says otherwise - well, they're bound to run into some defense.

"I think that's ridiculous," Murphy says. "Greensboro has a lot of value for the ACC."

He adds, some kids training at the gym with him now will be the ones playing in the ACC one day. Some of the kids have even bigger dreams. Babatunde says he's going to be better than Kobe.

"I think he might want to re-lace his shoes in another 10 years. I'm coming to the league with storm."

So, you can take the ACC tourney out of Greensboro, but that basketball spirit? Good luck trying to get rid of that.