GREENSBORO, NC – Over the next few days, there will be a lot of stories about the “heroes” of Hurricane Matthew.

After every major natural disaster, thousands of rescue workers and volunteers rush to help people in the hardest hit areas.

They give a lot of themselves and ask for nothing in return.

In some cases they're saving the lives of loved ones all over the world.

But while they're taking care of the victims – their families are just hoping they make it back home safely.

John Wilson has been a volunteer with the Piedmont Triad Chapter of the American Red Cross for seven years.

On Wednesday, he was deployed to Creedmoor, NC to work at the command center for Hurricane Matthew.

Meanwhile, his wife Mary Jo is home alone, with nothing to do but worry.

"It is a worry,” said Mary Jo. “You see the videos of all the traffic jams of all the people leaving and he's heading into the storm!"

Mary Jo Wilson used to be a Red Cross Volunteer, as well.

She and her husband were inspired to sign up after they saw how Red Cross volunteers helped their daughter when her college apartment in Chapel Hill was struck by lightning and caught on fire!

Mary Jo volunteered on three deployments during her time with the Red Cross.

Meanwhile, John has been on over a dozen deployments -- helping with hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, etc.

Mary Jo says it's an unnerving feeling because you never know what you're getting into or how long you'll be gone.

Mary Jo says she certainly supports what her husband is doing right now, but that doesn’t mean she'll stop worrying about him.

"I worry when he's gone. I worry if he will be safe. Will he have food to eat? Where will he be staying? It causes a lot of anxiety,” said Mary Jo. “But at the same time, I'm proud of what he's doing. I'm proud of what he's doing and the fact that he has done it for a long time."

John Wilson told WFMY News 2 he has no idea when he's coming back home to Greensboro.

He will go wherever the Red Cross sends him -- what ever places in North Carolina that are hardest hit by Hurricane Matthew.

Mary Jo says most deployments are usually three weeks or longer!

90 percent of Red Cross workers are volunteers.