WINSTON-SALEM, NC – The City of Winston-Salem is trying to address a “critical shortage” within its workforce.

The city is looking to hire more than 50 equipment operators.

On Friday, the city hosted a public job fair in search of people capable of operating backhoes, loaders, motor graders, dump trucks, and other equipment.

Hundreds of job seekers were asked to demonstrate their operating skills.

Those who successfully completed the assessment were invited on the spot to fill out a job application and receive a contingent job offer.

Kedrick Martin attended the job fair to show off his skills in hopes of finding a new job.

“I just think it's a good experience especially for people who are trying to gain employment,” said Martin. “There's no better way to show what you can do then to actually perform it.”

In total, more than 120 people attended Friday’s job fair.

The City of Winston-Salem says 81 people were asked to fill out an application.

A spokesperson for the city says they will officially start making offers on Monday.

For more information on how to apply for a job with the City of Winston-Salem, click here.