WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - We've all been there. You're behind the wheel and see another driver texting, eating, or doing the craziest thing.

Winston-Salem police are cracking down on distracted drivers.

"There was a man one time I stopped doing 90 miles per hour on the highway," said Officer Bradley Richardson. "He had an iPad mini taped over the speedometer and he was watching some action packed movie."

Officer Richardson says he's even seen one woman reading a novel while driving on highway 52.

Some drivers love their pets in the front seat too, but it's not safe.

"The dog jumps in their lap and causes major distractions," said Richardson.

Arguments between drivers and passengers are another concern.

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"Believe it or not, I've personally seen a lot of people get a lot of serious injuries in crashes because of people just arguing," said Richardson.

Cellphones are the number one distraction from sending text messages to emails, surfing the web, using GPS, and changing music.

Responsible drivers are on the defense.

"I've seen a lot of drivers on SnapChat recording a SnapChat while driving on highways," said Takiyah Cunningham. "As far as being on the road, you should want to pay attention."

"I've seen a couple, they were arguing and the next thing I know I see hair pulling," said Dwayne Ratcliff "I just feel like people are really caught up into themselves and they're really not thinking about others out here."

Police are urging drivers to pay attention on the road.

Distracted driving comes with major consequences, such as paying a hefty fine or getting into a deadly accident.