GREENSBORO, NC -- A Greensboro woman is taking a different approach to solve a problem many of us have faced before.

Dianne McCutcheon posted a sign on the corner of Friendly Avenue and Westridge Road that reads "Witness Needed."

She's asking for help to settle an insurance claim after she was injured in a car accident last month -- an accident she claims wasn't her fault.

However, she could still have to foot the bill for it.

"It happened very quickly," said McCutcheon. “I can still see it over and over in my mind."

McCutcheon’s car was totaled in the June 6 crash.

She was injured to the point where she couldn’t walk for four weeks.

“I was bruised from the top of my chest all the way through my heels,” said McCutcheon.

Now, she's facing $3,500 in medical bills and car payments.

But McCutcheon says she shouldn't have to pay.

She claims the driver who hit her ran a red light.

But according to the police report, both drivers claim their light was green.

There were no witnesses.

"Nobody stopped to give witness which I was sort of counting on," said McCutcheon. "There were so many cars around. I thought for sure someone would."

Without any witness reports, Jim Young with State Farm Insurance says it becomes a game of "he said, she said."

Young says it’s impossible for the insurance companies to determine who was really at fault.

“If there are no witnesses, there really is no where to go,” said Young. “You really end up in a dead end.”

So McCutcheon is taking matters in to her own hands.

She put up her sign at the same intersection where the accident happened.

She's hoping someone who saw the crash will come forward and support her claim.

“It's so important that people in the community support each other. If you were in an accident, you need people to stop and give witness to it,” said McCutcheon. “It really affects our lives. It has really affected mine considerably.”

McCutcheon says it’s a lesson she had to learn the hard way.

“I hope I never get in an accident again. But if I do, I'm certainly going to flag down a witness and say ‘please stay’,” said McCutcheon.

According to Young, if she can find a credible, unbiased witness, it could make a difference on her claim.

If you're involved in accident, Young says you should contact your insurance company immediately.

Take pictures on the scene of the crash and start filing your claim right away.