CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – Cary police say none of their officers were involved in a traffic stop Thursday in which a biracial woman says an officer called her a “half-breed.”

Hannah Charette said a man claiming to be a police officer in an unmarked car pulled her over along Northwest Maynard Road, telling her she failed to signal a lane change.

“The Lord placed on his heart to tell me that I need to repent for my sin, and he started going on kind of like a rant,” Charette said he told her. “Interracial couples are this huge sin in the Bible and how we’re basically doomed for hell… and then he called me a half-breed.”

The incident garnered attention Friday after Charette’s mother posted about it on Facebook.

“Even though it’s 2017, I know that I still get looks from people for being biracial. But, I didn’t expect for a police officer to say it,” said Charette. “It didn’t hurt me that he was saying all this stuff to me. It hurt me that he basically didn’t see me as a human, and he called me a half-breed because it basically reminds me of dogs.”

However, Cary police say they can’t find any evidence one of their officers was involved in the incident.

“After talking to the daughter to clarify the story, we can confidently say that the stop described in the Facebook post was not conducted by a Cary Police officer. In addition to the interview, we reviewed Computer Aided Dispatch narratives, Cary police video, and Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL) records,” said Police Chief Tony Godwin in a prepared statement. “We would not for a moment tolerate employees treating someone in this manner, or making statements like that described. We take allegations of this kind of behavior seriously.”

A town police officer did pull Charette over Thursday morning around 7:29 on Evans Road near West Cary Middle School, town spokeswoman Deanna Hawkes said. The officer said the reason for the stop was Charette was speeding in a school zone. The officer did not issue her a ticket.

Charette says the incident involving the racist comments occurred during a second traffic stop a few hours after that. She said the man who pulled her over was white, about 5 feet 8 inches tall and wore white shoes with his uniform.

Police haven’t ruled out the possibility that a man posing as an officer pulled Charette over.

She said, “Even if it’s not a Cary police officer, it’s pretty terrible that someone would do that, even impersonating a police officer because who knows what else he’s doing?”