YADKIN COUNTY, N.C. – A month after a tornado tears through four counties, leaving a path of destruction, people living in the Courtney area are still picking up the pieces and getting back to normal.

On May 25, the National Weather Service confirmed two EF-2 tornadoes hit the Piedmont area and came from the same storm system on May 24. The tornado touched down and lasted six minutes in Yadkin County, from 4:17 p.m. to 4:23 p.m. One person was injured.

In that short time, it ravaged, mainly, the elementary school and Baity Road. For a week, neighbors say Winding Road was blocked on both ends, and manned for the better part of that week by deputies, to keep out looters and vandals.

Now, at the end of June, things are starting to come back together slowly but surely. Roger Mullis said people have come together to help their fellow neighbor, no questions asked.

Haley Wagoner, who lives a few houses down from Mullis, said a handful of families on the road had to pack up and move away because their homes were so damaged, no one could live in them.

She said for the most part, however, the community has rallied. There are fewer signs now that the EF-2 tornado touched down with most debris collected and disposed of, but the splintered trees still serve as a reminder.

Workers repairing the roofing to Courtney Elementary School said the gym is set to be torn down in a few weeks.

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