GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Christmas is wrapped up, and gifts are unwrapped which has you clearing out the boxes.

You need to clean up wisely so that you don't make yourself a target to thieves.

Some big ticket gifts, like TVs or sound systems, come in large boxes and if you leave them outside your house criminals might want what you just received.

"Criminals don't have to be the smartest person in the world to figure out from whats left on the porch what is inside. So it makes it real easy and it is a matter of just driving around a few blocks probably and finding something," said Sgt. Michael Grusky with the Burlington Police Department.

After all the fun of unwrapping those presents, those boxes have to go somewhere. So, you load up that big TV box in the recycling bin, take it to the curb, and leave it be. Usually when you get back later that evening, the recycling bin is gone but if you're not careful the presents that were in those boxes could be gone as well.

Of course, if you take out your big boxes on the day the recycling people come that is no problem. The problem happens when you set out boxes for TV's, and computers for days at a time. It can make your house an easy target.

"We make a lot of assumptions that we are going to be able to see what criminals are doing, see their movements, see their activities, with cameras but something like this it is incredibly easy," said Noah Sakin, a person who lives in Mebane.

"Make it as inconspicious as possible by hiding your boxes. Whether that is putting them behind your house until a later date, break them down and putting them into the trunk of your car until recycling day or just keeping them in your house until that time," said Sgt. Grusky.

It may be a small inconvenience to keep the boxes, but it can save you a big hassle.

"I think what it should do is it should make people more cautious. Make people be better neighbors, look out for not only their own house but also look out for susicious people in the neighborhood," said Sakin.

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