GREENSBORO, NC -- People all around Greensboro and city of Greensboro employees are offering support to the owners of Yum Yum Better Ice Cream and Hotdogs after an SUV crashed through the restaurant on Wednesday.

It's one of Greensboro's most popular restaurants.

For over 100 years, families have been enjoying hot dogs and ice cream from Yum Yum.

But on Thursday, it was empty and silent.

Customers who showed up for lunch were disappointed when they were turned away.

"I've been coming here for about 45 years," said Jerry Mills. "They got the best hotdogs I've ever ate and some of the best ice cream I've ever ate."

"I've never been here but my mom grew up here and told me to come check it out," said Shannon Smith. "She said the hotdogs would melt in your mouth and when we got here and saw condemned on the door, it was a little heartbreaking."

"This place is well known for some of the best hotdogs in Greensboro," said Clarence Moore. "I was actually going to come grab a couple for lunch today."

The restaurant was forced to close after an SUV crashed through the side of the building on Wednesday.

Police say the driver hit the gas instead of the brake while trying to park.

Nobody was injured but city inspectors have condemned the building due to the damage from the wreck.

Brick and mortar cover the floor in the ice cream making room.

That room is a place where Clint Aydelette has made a living his whole life.

His grandfather started Yum Yum as an ice cream cart back in 1906 -- 109 years ago!

It's been a staple in Greensboro ever since.

Aydelette says the month of March is usually big for business.

But until the building is fixed -- they'll have to remain closed.

"It bothers me mainly for my employees. I still want to pay them because that's their livelihood," said Aydelette. "I have a lot of college students who work for me too. And of course for my regular customers who have been coming here for years. I just hate it for the inconvenience."

According to the restaurant's Facebook page, Yum Yum will be closed for up to three weeks or until repairs are made.

In the meantime, Yum Yum is garnering overwhelming support on social media.

Even the City of Greensboro is speaking out about the accident, they said in a tweet:

"This is not ok. We need to rally to fix this immediately."

The city of Greensboro also called for rally to get the Yum Yum back open.