CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg visited Charlotte on Tuesday-- and he did something a lot of wish we could: take a ride around Charlotte Motor Speedway with Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Broadcasted on Facebook Live, of course, Zuck climbed into the passenger seat of the NASCAR racing experience car with Junior behind the wheel.

Off they went!

"We're a little close to the wall," Zuckerberg exclaimed. "...This is insane."

"If this is all we get to do in Charlotte, that will be enough... "What an amazing experience."

"Did you enjoy it?" Junior asked.

"Yeah! That was amazing. I think there are probably millions of people who'd die to do what I just did."

After the ride, Junior said the car isn't race-ready, but "we did get up to good speed". They averaged 170 mph.

Then it was Zuckerberg's turn.

In his ear, Junior coached him along.

Zuckerberg said he'd stay further away from the wall than Junior had. LOL

Watch it for yourself!