Most of the time Hollywood movies are an escape -- an opportunity to leave the real world and for a couple hours, forget everything else.

That will not be the case for many when the movie Only the Brave comes out later this month. The movie is about the Granite Mountain Hotshots.

In 2013, while fighting the Yarnell Hill Fire, 19 of the hotshots were killed. The lone survivor was Brendan McDonough.

The movie is centered around McDonough and crew leader Eric Marsh. Directed by Joe Kosinski, it details the life of a wildland firefighter.

"The responsibility weighs heavy on me because it's a true story," said Kosinski.

The movie has not been released but families were given a sneak peek last month.

"I expected not to like it, but I liked it more than I thought I would," said Joanna Ritter.

Ritter is the sister of Granite Mountain Hotshot Scott Norris.

"It was emotional, especially the ending," said Norris.

One of the other men killed in the fire was Wade Parker. His father Dan has not seen the movie but his mother has.

"It took my breath away. I started crying so I grabbed my mothers hand," Michelle Parker.

Most of the families are OK with the movie being made and some even visited the set in New Mexico where much of the movie was filmed.

There was however at least one person who wished the movie was never made.

"I have no room for the bulls*** of Hollywood trying to make a buck," said Shari Turbyfill.

Shari is married to David Turbyfill, the father of hotshot Travis Turbyfill.

"I've always been on the fence about making the movie," said David Turbyfill.

Family members who have seen the movie said there are some lighthearted moments but most agree the ending was emotional.

After the movie is over, family members said pictures of all of the hotshots are showcased on the screen next to the actor who plays them.