It’s not new. The old ‘should moms breastfeed in public’ question has been waging public opinion warfare for ages now.

Recently, social media got in on the action when a mom at Disneyland in Anaheim, California was shamed for breastfeeding her 10-month-old son while waiting in a line at the park.

The mom, Brittni Medina responded in a way the internet is regarding as brilliant, if not “epic.”

She posted the photos on a breastfeeding group on Facebook and got thousands of interactions and engagements. It also garnered a Twitter moment.

While not all of the comments have been positive, as you might imagine, the conversation has re-ignited the great debate of breastfeeding in public once again.

Moms showed support for Medina in droves and posted pictures of themselves breastfeeding in a statement unification.

As a general FYI, it is Disney’s policy to allow moms to breastfeed anywhere in the parks. The Disney Parks Moms Panel has several pieces of information available regarding breastfeeding in the parks that may be helpful to breastfeeding moms planning a visit.

So haters gonna hate, but moms can breastfeed out in the open, wild and free, at Disney.