A young Scott County boy offered a little help to man’s best friend on Sunday after a 6-month-old Bloodhound got stuck in a culvert under a road.

10-year-old George Kline crawled into a pipe to help rescuers put a rope around the dog, Smoky.

“They didn’t tell me to go in there, I volunteered to go in there,” Kline said. “I saw the dog crouched down into a ball and it was whimpering like it was scared.”

Courtesy of Tim Branstetter, Scott County News

The fire department, police and the forest service tried for nearly 10 hours to rescue Smoky but were unsuccessful in luring him out.

That’s when Kline came to the rescue.

“I got down like this, I stuck my head in, and then I crawled in,” Kline said. “He looked like a little cat, he looked like an old cat.”

Courtesy of Tim Branstetter, Scott County News

Kline's aunt, Elizabeth Burress, is Smoky’s veterinarian and was called to help get him out of the pipe.

She brought George along to help.

“Luckily the best tool that I brought was George,” Burress said. “This was just a really great example of a community coming together for somebody that they may or may not know who was sincerely worried about their dog.”

George was promised a Happy Meal for all his help, and is still waiting to receive his reward.

Smoky is healthy and was not injured in the rescue.