Some kids would ask for video games, toys or at least clothes, but Jacob Priestley just wants one thing -- 100,000 birthday cards.

Jacob Priestley, 14, from Queen Creek, will be turning 15 years old on August 28. His only wish is for 100,000 birthday cards to raise awareness for his mitochondrial disease.

Last year in 2016, Jacob received close to 30,000 birthday cards thanks to the community who pulled together, but now he hopes to raise awareness with the cards.

12 News spoke with his father Tod Priestley over the phone and he said, "It's just a matter of time (until) he's no longer with us."

The mitochondrial disease attacks his son's organs and takes his energy away. Jacob has also gained quite a bit of weight since last year.

That is another reason why Jacob is on a mission to raise awareness with his birthday cards his father says.

Below is a message from Tod Priestley, Jacob's father:

Please help us spread the word about my son Jacob's birthday wish! Jacob has a terminal disease. Jacob has never had friends. Having autism makes it really hard for him to have friends. And then getting sick and not being able to do anything like all the other kids.
That is, until last year when we started this card thing. And he felt like he finally had friends.

You can send a birthday card to Jacob at this address:

Jacob Priestley

PO Box 855

Queen Creek, AZ 85142