COLORADO -- A Brazilian activewear company is facing backlash after posting a photo of their models swimming in Hanging Lake on Instagram.

In the post – which has since been deleted – Liquido Active showed a photo of two models sitting on a log in the lake while a photographer swimming nearby takes photos.

According to wildlife officials, Hanging Lake is considered a "fragile ecosystem" and there are many rules in place to keep it safe.

An Instagram account known for shaming people who disrespect nature in the state shared the photo, with dozens of angry users weighing in.

Since then, the company has issued the following apology on Facebook.

To our beloved community,

Our hearts could not be more heavy.

As ALL of you know that follow us, and do business with us, we celebrate and are in awe of nature. We use nature shots in the majority of our posts because we resonate and want to be in the flow with our great mother earth.

We have learned a hard, painful lesson to research our photoshoot destination spots.

In the spirit by which we operate, we have made a substantial donation to Colorado Parks and Wildlife &

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado. Most importantly, ALL proceeds from Hanuman Festival will be donated to the preservation of Hanging Lake.

Again, with great humility and a heavy heart, we ask the beautiful state of Colorado to accept our sincere apology.

We would appreciate the help of our community to turn this negative into a positive. Help us design a positive campaign to raise the awareness so mistakes like this can be avoided in the future.

With all our love & deep respect for our great Mother Earth.....
Liquido Active

Hanging Lake is a popular hike off of Interstate 70 near Glenwood Springs.

Rangers rotate between monitoring the parking lot and hiking the trail to monitor the beautiful travertine lake at the top.