Two words blew up on Facebook and Twitter on Friday.

Hundreds of people spoke out with letters on social media – all of them with the same title: Dear Syria.

The letters were in response to President Donald Trump’s decision to fire missiles onto a Syrian air force base following a deadly nerve gas attack that killed more than 80 people.

The posts told Syria that Americans “did not consent to the attack of your country” and “when y’all decide to strike back just keep me outta it.”

Another person said “Syria… I hope ya’ll see this… cause I’m not ready to die”

Many of the posts directed Syria to the president’s address at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – The White House.

“It just makes people look dumb,” Ashley Fish said.

Fish and her husband support the U.S. firing back at Syria and said the people behind the so-called “Dear Syria” letters need to get with the program.

“It’s not your decision to make. If you want to make that decision, then work your way up, get elected, and you can make that choice,” Fish explained.