Calls to 911 to report drug overdoses are not uncommon in Parma.

But when they come from the same home three times on the same day, that is unusual.

T.J. Martin is with the Parma Fire Department, which recently witnessed that.

“The mother was taking it in the morning, she unfortunately did not make it,” he said. “We took the son in the afternoon and came back in the evening for the daughter. Fortunately, those two made it.”

Martin believes the family purchased heroin from the same place and got high from the same batch.

“The supply might have been laced with not only heroin, but fentanyl or carfentanil,” he said.

It comes as a new report gives a bleak new outlook on overdose deaths in Ohio.

The Your Voice Ohio/Ohio Media Project, a collaboration of nearly two dozen state news outlets, looked at death certificates across the state.

They predict as many as 5,000 Ohioans will overdose this year and die. Opioids will account for 84% of those deaths.

They also project the majority of those victims will be men in their 30s.

Martin said this year they have already responded to more overdoses than they did in all of 2016.