GREEN BAY – One person is in custody after an incident involving multiple car collisions at Lambeau Field Friday afternoon.

Multiple law enforcement and emergency agencies are investigating.

Police have cordoned off the southern end of the stadium parking lot, where multiple cars are damaged.

Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith described the south side of the stadium as a large crime scene.

Smith confirmed that one person was arrested. He said no weapons were involved other than the vehicle, and no injuries were reported.

Two people who work inside the stadium said they were told that a man driving a car hit one car, which became wedged under a minivan, then drove into the stadium's loading dock where he hit a booth and then crashed to a stop.

Authorities have not made a public statement about the incident. No injuries have been reported.

Agencies at the stadium include the Brown County Sheriff's Office, Green Bay Police Department, State Patrol and the Green Bay Metro Fire Department.