Here we will provide the latest updates on Jason Lockhart. Lockhart, the son of former Atlanta Braves infielder Keith Lockhart, has been in ICU since getting hit in the face by a baseball last week.


Jason's sister Sydney announced that he has regained consciousness around 3:30 p.m. Thursday evening.

On her Facebook page, Sydney wrote that family has seen his personality "pop up" a few times and that it's been "so wonderful."

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Family said while he is awake, he is still been far from restful. Jason, Sydney wrote that he is having uncontrollable tremors that are leaving him exhausted. Despite that, family said they are "remaining hopeful and are trusting the Great Physician (along with his wonderful doctors and nurses) to intervene as He has SO many times on our behalf."

Sydney thanked all those for the continued prayers: "They are working!!"


Just moments before 6:40 p.m. on Wednesday, Jason's family announced an extremely positive report on the young man's prognosis.

His mother Sydney announced that doctors were confident that the bleeding has been resolved. She added that he was awake and still in the recovery room.

"We are bedside and helping keep him comfortable during the transition," the recent social media post said.

The family used the moment to thank the public and asked those tracking Jason's progress to continue praying as he begins his recovery.


Just before 2 p.m. on Tuesday, the Lockhart family shared that Jason was out of surgery and recovering. Doctors found a bleeding artery and are confident it is the source of the massive bleeds. They will now wait 24 hours to give his body time to clot and have a Plan B in place if needed.

"We are confident that this is the area that has caused so much bleeding," the family posted on Sydney Lockhart's Facebook page.

Just before his surgery, doctors found blood in his lungs, likely related to the massive bleeds and intubated him. If all goes well in the next 24 hours, Jason may have the breathing tube removed.

"We are praying and believing that what the doctors did today is bringing us closer to Jason's full recovery," the family posted.


At 10 a.m. Tuesday, Jason Lockhart entered his fifth surgery in nine days after he was struck in the face with a baseball last Saturday.

Jason plays with Team Elite of Winder, Georgia and is the son of former Braves infielder, Keith Lockhart. While running to home plate during a tournament in South Carolina baseball hit his face and broke his nose. Doctors soon found his injury was far more severe. A CT scan eventually showed a tear inside his nose was actually a lacerated artery.

In an update on Facebook Tuesday morning, Jason's sister, Sydney, shared complications that were found and asked for continued prayers.

A few hours earlier, Sydney shared that doctors hoped to take Jason off the ventilator after surgery. Now that bleeding was found inside of his lungs, doctors aren't so sure.

"It's likely because he just still has bleeding coming from somewhere deeper inside. Bleeding is all related likely (to original nose bleeds)," the family said.

Doctors are also working to get his 103 fever down and bring his blood pressure back up. Despite the circumstances, the family said they remain prayerful and thank the public for their support.

"We are more at peace as we are getting closer to seeing his sweet eyes open, feeling his hand squeeze ours back, and help him heal and sort through what all he has been through this week...We thank you for every prayer spoken on behalf of Jason. We are overwhelmed by everyone's love and support. We can't wait to have our sweet Jason back. Thank you, thank you, thank you," Sydney wrote.