GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The best dressed man on Capitol Hill is Congressman Howard Coble. He's been in office for 30 years and his outfits continue to impress.

From his fedora hat, to his famous blue jacket, Howard Coble has some pretty stylish digs. Coble is known on Capitol Hill for his sense of style, especially for those madras coats he wears around D.C.

"Some people claims it makes you look younger so I'm believing that," laughs Coble. "Whether it's true or not I don't know."ID=12394479

Coble's credits his father for giving him a new outlook on fashion. He recalls it clearly. "Get with it boy, start looking right," said Coble.

One person who knows the Congressman's sense of style well, his Chief of Staff Ed McDonald. "He's always had a colorful wardrobe, but the madras jackets have taken on a life of their own in the last few years."

So much so, that Coble is considered a celebrity in Washington. "He's the hit of Capitol Hill, they all want to get their pictures taken with him because he's got these colorful jackets on," said McDonald. "They think he's a rock star."

Recent articles written for social news site Buzzfeed certainly helped his cause. Three articles in the past few months have highlighted why he's cooler than other politicians and even named him the sexiest bachelor in Congress.

"I think that was more of a joke than anything else, because I'm not all that sexy and I'm 83 years old," said Coble.

"Of course it was done for laughs but of course everybody got a big kick out of that as well," added McDonald.

His sense of humor might be the most endearing quality of Congressman Coble and one of the aspects Washington will miss the most once his final terms ends.

Congressman Coble's last day in office will be January 2nd. He's yet to say what his plans are when he's officially retired.

As for his clothes, he says many of them will go to the Salvation Army.