BRENHAM, Texas - Dash cam video of a traffic stop that led to a Brenham police officer being fired has surfaced. In August, Brenham officer Richard Bobbitt was terminated after it was determined by the police department that he had used excessive force during an arrest on July 14, 2016.

The police department investigation found that Bobbitt struck the female suspect multiple times in the face and head. You can not see that in this video, but you can see the moment leading up to it and hear the verbal exchange taking place between them while it is happening.

Actions taken in those moments led the Brenham Police department to fire officer Richard Bobbitt. He chose to fight his termination and after some negotiating, the city says they later agreed to change his status to resigned.

"I don't think it makes a lot of difference as to whether he was fired or resigned as long as he is not with the Brenham Police Department anymore," said Terry Roberts, the Brenham city manager.

Roberts says the city chose to accept the resignation because that is what the police chief originally offered Bobbitt. He also says it is less of a burden on the city when is come to filing for unemployment. When asked if the change would make it easier for Bobbitt to get another job, Roberts responded saying he would hope other agencies do their research before making a hiring decision.

"We will continue to be as truthful in whatever request for information comes out of this information," said Roberts.

Officer Bobbitt could still face criminal charges. Since the traffic stop occurred in Harris County, their district attorney's office says they are working on a investigation into the incident. The investigation will eventually be brought to a judge to determine if there will be charges filed.

Back in August. KAGS did request the rest of the dash camera and body camera footage, as well as some photos. The city of Brenham would not release those. The city manager told KAGS that Bobbitt did not have body camera footage of the arrest, but he did have some during the chase.