A woman's fearful message after being pulled over is going viral.

Ayanna Cruver was pulled over while on her way home from her husband's Air Force Base. She says she wondered why she was being pulled over because she wasn't speeding.

The officer told her to get out of the car. She said the officer checked because she was driving under the speed limit, which he said was a sign a driver may be inebriated or sleepy.

As he was explaining, Cruver said she started crying because she was so frightened.

She posted her message to Facebook saying although the interaction was positive, "the situation in our country right now made me feel horrified that I got stopped."

In response to the messages she received, she added a later post.

"I am very supportive of law enforcement and I have always known that there are good officers out there and I'm sure they outnumber the bad ones. Unfortunately, there's no way to tell which one you are encountering until the entire scene plays out. That is what is so scary for so many of us."