GRAHAM, NC – No electricity, very little phone support as Hurricane Matthew leaves a path of destruction on Haiti; a country still recovering six years after a devastating earthquake.

15-25 inches of rain is estimated to have fallen in Haiti; some parts saw 40 inches. To put that in perspective, only 5 inches of rain managed to wash away a private road in Burlington. And, in 2015, Columbia, SC received 21 inches of rainfall.

People will be without food, water and places to live. The appropriately named non-profit, Feed The Hunger, will step up to provide hundreds of thousands of meals to Haitians after Matthew.

“We have a few hundred thousand meals here in the warehouse that is ready to go to other parts of the world, but what we would do if it became catastrophic enough in Haiti is we would reassign them to Haiti,” said Scott Hahn, Director of Food Packing for Feed the Hunger.

For decades, the organization worked to provide proper nourishment to starving kids.

"Been feeding over 3,000 school aged children in Haiti a day,” Hahn said.

A week before the existence of Matthew, Feed the Hunger sent almost 280,000 packets of food to Haiti.

Hahn explained, "It has rice, It has a protein, it has a vitamin powder and it has dehydrated vegetables. So just need to heat water and pour it in and stir."

The warehouse, located in Graham, has hundreds of thousands of more food packets ready to be sent to other countries. But, when the news of the catastrophic storm hitting Haiti reached the ears of Hahn and other volunteers, they prepared to send the majority of their food to Haiti.

It’s not the first time Feed the Hunger has responded to the disaster in the country.

"2010, right after the Haiti earthquake, we were one of the first organizations on the ground able to provide immediate assistance because our network is run largely by Haitian church leaders down there."

Volunteers around the country help to pack the food to be sent to aid those in need. After the hurricane, Feed the Hunger will host food packing events in North Carolina and Georgia.

The list of events:

October 2n, Hickory, NC

October 8, Charlotte, NC

October 22, Burlington, NC

October 22, Greensboro, NC

October 28-29, Charlotte, NC

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