Desi is a sleek domestic short haired white kitty with only 2 little black spots on his head.

Desi is approximately 8 months old. He loves to hang out in a cat tree, or anywhere near you. He likes a lap, maybe to watch the game, or reruns of the I Love Lucy show. He is not picky about the show, just as long as you have plenty of love, food and toys to offer him.

If you are interested in making Desi a part of your family, please go to the Animal Awareness Society's website and fill out their adoption application. You may also give them a call at 336-498-6013 and set up a time to come out to their Sanctuary, located at 613 East Brown St. in Randleman to come out and visit Desi.

Desi has his bags packed, so what are you waiting on?