The holidays are here and for some the most wonderful time of the year can be the most stressful time of the year. Licensed Professional Counselor and Marriage Family Therapist Jill White-Huffman is here this morning with tips on gifting for the loved one in you life.

There are a few reasons why couples gifting can be so stressful, they include:

  • Financial concerns over spending on gifts – spending without forethought
  • Gift giving in-law imbalance
  • Differing activities and traditions
  • May cause gift-giving anxiety
  • More expensive and/or bigger not necessary better

So here are a few ways you can create a lasting experience with a gift without breaking the bank:

  • Romantic Date Night
  • Special Concert
  • Couples Dance Lessons
  • Artsy/Craft Day – Unique Homemade Gifts: for example Homemade Coupon Booklet