A North Carolina city could fine people who give to panhandlers.

Members of the City Council in Fayetteville discussed the matter earlier this week, according to the Fayetteville Observer.

Because this seemed like a shocking change of ordinances, WFMY News 2 wanted to take a look at what panhandling ordinances are in the Triad.

In places like Greensboro and Winston-Salem, panhandlers are required to have a business permit which are available on that city’s website. There are also regulations on time, place, and manner of soliciting.

For example, local ordinances prohibit panhandlers from:

  • Soliciting before dawn or after dusk.
  • Soliciting by bus or train stops.
  • Soliciting on private property without permission.
  • Soliciting within 100 feet of banks of ATMs.
  • Soliciting within 300 feet of public or private school property
  • Soliciting while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Lying on their signs

Cities like Madison, Wisconsin already have ordinances in place that fine people who give to panhandlers almost $100 for the first offense.