CHARLOTTE, N.C. – North Carolina’s Senior Republican Senator Richard Burr is listed as “missing” on a billboard In North Charlotte.

It is the same billboard that two weeks ago carried a picture of the state’s other Republican Senator Thom Tillis, who was also listed as missing.

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The billboard was put up by a group called Indivisible Charlotte and it cost $3,100, money donated by group supporters.

Scott Huffman, a spokesman for the group said the hope was to prod Burr and Tillis to hold town hall meetings in Charlotte where they could both hear in person from people they represent.

Huffman says the group has asked both senators to hold town halls and have gotten similar responses from them.

Huffman says they were told, “That town hall events require to much staff resources, and too much time to pull off.”

Indivisible Charlotte is now planning to stage a town hall meeting in Charlotte later this morning and have invited both Burr and Tillis but so far the group has not heard back from either of them.

Said Huffman, “A town hall meeting lets the people interact with our senators or our representatives.  It’s a good American tradition to do.”